Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Pain really does = Gain

Another happy appointment this morning. It did not start happy. The NP could not get a blood draw from me for anything. And by anything, I mean repeated sticking with a needle in different locations. A back-up was called in and she was able to get enough from my hand, but then went thru the vein before finishing up. So now I have three bruises and a HUGE bump on the back of my right hand that is looking like it's going to turn funny colors any minute.

Then the Gina Jammer did the ultrasound. YEAY!!! Lovie's still going strong! We now have 14 good sized follicles on the left and about 10 medium on the right. Seeing those big black spots on the ultrasound made all the bloodwork bruises fade away~

Tonight I start the Ganorelex shot, making it three a day. This shot is to supress ovulation so I don't blow my wad too quickly. We don't want all those eggs free falling when we're not looking! And here's a note for those in this process looking to save a buck -
I kept all of the cartaridges from the Follistem medication and took them into the Dr. They were able to use a small syringe and draw out the leftover medication. We found out last time that the drug company over fills the cartaridges so you have quite a bit leftover. I was able to get two additional shots out of those leftovers, saving $375! Woo hoo! Discount that from the $14000 and you've got enough to go to lunch!

ETA for retrieval is now Saturday. This puts implantation on Tuesday or Wednesday, which kinda sucks being smack in the middle of the week knowing you're off your feet for 48 hours. On the other hand, that's a nice looooong weekend. My job doesn't stop when I do, so taking time off can be difficult.
It's also hard to be on your back for 2 days. Only because you're supposed to. If it was a weekend and my hubby was out of town and I was tired, I could pull a 48 hour couch session no problem!
Next appointment tomorrow morning......


Kim said...

I am getting so excited for you. While you are laying around on your back and knowing you watching chick flicks you can call me and I can tell you about my life in the ER. Miss ya, Kim

wzgirl said...

Gosh, good luck Sunday. You are becoming a real human pincushion....

BTW, I have some leftover Follistim if you know anyone that would like to buy it???