Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Still Dreaming of a White Christmas

Slowly but surely I am catching up. Thank you to those who posted Reader's Digest versions of the latest on your lives. It did help me not feel so out of touch.

I can't remember the last time AF stayed away for Christmas. Which brings me to the title, that every year I start flowin right around Christmas. So this year, I was popping Midol and then the holiday song came on. I started laughing so hard my eyes watered. Thank God I was alone. So now every time I hear that song it has a totally different connotation for me. Jeez. Now Holiday tunes are related to my IF!!

Speaking of the AF, I am more and more aggrivated with it. Never the same time, spotting for a week before flow, cramps, poops, the works. And for what. I used to remind myself it was there for a good cause - that all that pain and annoyance led to pregnancy. But now? Not so much. Just the pain and annoyance. My gyn says I could go back on the pill and try and straighten it out. Hmmm. Here comes the clincher.
dr says eggs are crap. But what if? What if my ovies finally shoot out a good one and I'm on the damn pill? Chance in a million? Billion? Yep. But still a chance.

Change in subject:
Holidays were great. Exhausting. MIL & SIL came early to help prepare. Nothing says nuts like a party 2 weeks after move in!!
We even painted the dining/living room. It looks amazing!!! 2 toned olive greens with a white chair rail. beeeyutiful. They painted my island in the kitchen this color I've been visually making love to for a month, only to find the color looks like a damn pumpkin in the morning. Jury's still out on this one. AM - It's the Great Pumpkin Charley Brown! PM - It's simmering nutmeg and tasty goodness. Guess I'll have to finish up the rest of the family room and dining room before deciding if the nutmeg pumpkin stays or goes......

All else is good. Doing nothing for new year's. Again. No desire I suppose. Most friends have kids and can't go out, then I get annoyed with all the younguns and drunks out anyway. Last year I went to bed at 12:10. Stayed up just for the sake of staying up but really didn't give a crap. Just happy to get the day off (0:

Hope everyone had a great holiday. Let's hope this new year brings more good news - there's already been some with twins, adoption, and upcoming IVF. I'm also sending good vibes to my friend, Lauren, who should have been implanted right now. Her first IVF cycle and I hope she's surviving it! Let's all send her the good baby vibes and sticky thoughts~~

Monday, December 18, 2006


I am officially overwhelmed. By several things. By the move. The need to get everything done to have a party in 5 days. All the people coming over.
But currently by all of you. I am amazed how many people still came to see my blog, to ask where I've been. I've gotten better responses there then from my own friends. How sad is that?
I am also overwhelmed trying to catch-up. It seems like so much has happened in one month and it's taking me forever to try and read back and catch all those thoughts.
So I ask a favor. Would you terribly mind posting a comment with an update on how and what you're doing? I know that sounds like such a cheesy and lazy thing to request, but I really want to know and it's taking too long to read each blog individually so quickly. What I mean is, eventually I will get to all the blogs and catch up, but right now I am so so so so busy and can't seem to read everyone but I really want to know what's going on.

Call it a Christmas present!

And I figure maybe what one person writes may trigger a response from a new reader or someone who's not posted lately. It may update others then just myself!
And my husband would appreciate my not holding his laptop hostage for such long periods of time..........

Things are progressing here. Slowly. I finished painting the guest bedroom yesterday. Prioritized it since my MIL will be coming Wed and I wanted the paint stench cleared out as she will be sleeping in there. Looks pretty good. Color is all blue.... reminds me of a Tiffany's box! Still needs the details but so far the only room looking remotely finished, which is annoying.
Still putting things away here and there. Boxes and boxes of stuff. Lots from the office, which we don't have set-up. Was a built in my hubby did and not furniture we could move. He's going to do something similar here, but could take awhile. So boxes of books in the meantime!
Have the nursery designated and a toddler room, too. We're planning on getting licensed for 0-2 so I best be prepared for either. Start working on those after the holidays....

I look forward to reading what you all are doing and I SWEAR I'm going to get all caught up on what I've been missing~

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Really, I'm not dead!

Well hello there girls! Been awhile. Short version of where I've been is as follows:
Were getting free internet service at apartment. Service provider wised-up and we would have paid, but it was just a short time until we moved out anyway, thus we allowed service to remain shut off. So I used work computer. Work provider decided to start blocking all blog sites among many many others. No damn access. Withdrawls. Sadness I was so addicted to blogs, but more sad I couldn't see what everyone was doing.
But now that's over and we finally got some freakin service. Of course the computer isn't hooked-up yet so I am currently high jacking hubby's laptop.
We finally moved into the new house. What a freakin mess. Took forever to get out of the apartment so there's crap everywhere. Our storage unit is sitting in the driveway since Saturday and we haven't opened it. Going to have to tackle it on Saturday since we're in a bit of a rush. You see, the whole damn family will be here for Christmas, so in our infinite wisdom thought it would be a good idea to have an open house/Christmas party on the 23rd! My work is busy and hubby's is insane, so my head is about to completely explode.

Which is why I'll leave it at that for now because I am exhausted and need to go to bed but really really really wanted to say hello to everyone in this way at least. I really miss everyone!!! I'm sure I'll be high jacking this laptop many times in the next few days until I get caught up on what's been happening the last month. Maybe it will motivate him to set up the computer. Guess we'll see.
Talk with you all soon!!