Monday, September 18, 2006

Now we wait - we're good at this

First, thanks to all the well wishers. Yesterday was the big day, well, one of them. Here's all I know thus far:

18 eggs retrieved. The bigger follicles turned out to be filled with fluid and no eggs. BIG bummer, but focusing on the wonderful 18.
Felt ok afterwords. STILL haven't seen the damn dr. They put me under before he got there and woke me up when he was gone. Strange.
As the evening went on, I started feeling worse. A heavy feeling in the processed area. Hurt to sit down so I mostly just layed down. I also felt bloated, like I needed to push out the world's biggest fart, but nothing. Sat on the crapper for 20 minutes at a time hoping for some relief, but nada. TMI, I know. Oh well. Too late now if you're on to this part (0:

This AM feeling a little better, but still that bloated feeling. I'm waiting it out before calling the dr. to see if it's normal. I am a paranoid woman. Called in sick to work today. Who needs the stress of my job right at this moment? The junkies and abusers can - and will - have to wait until tomorrow to yell at me. In case I forgot to mention it, I work for Child Protective Services. I may have commented on it before but I cannot remember each word of every blog! It is not a job for the faint of heart, but I am pretty good at it. Aside from being paranoid, I am also not prone to stressing out. Well, about most things~

So now the wait for the phone call. The one of two scary calls- this one to tell me how many eggs are now embryos. The second scary call is the one telling you if your blood test was good or not. I realize I, and we, have no control over these things, but it's very hard not to feel responsible. When the male has no real issues, then it all seems to rest on your shoulders. How many eggs, if they stick. These are all things going on in OUR bodies so we can't help to feel some nagging responsibility for both failure and success. Now that I stress about. I think we all do.

Last time we implanted 2 embryos. This time, I think I want to request 3. I'm not sure why, I just do. Here's a funny/scary thought. Twins run in my husband's family. Theoretically, any embryo could split and become twins. So if we implant 3, and they all split, holy moly!!! That would be bad. Very very very bad. I don't think we could agree on that many names.

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