Friday, September 22, 2006

No News WAS Great News!!!

holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit. Oh yea, did I say holy shit????

We heard NOTHING until we got to the clinic. Then there was no one there in the outpatient center. We were sitting and waiting for about 20 minutes before I got up and went into the main office and explained to the receptionist I needed to talk with the dr ASAP. I mean, this is my freakin future and I'm about to freak out completely if I don't get some kind of answer!!! So she gets the nurse who tells us we're an hour early. I told her this is the time the embryologist said to be there and she said he messed up. I told her it was probably because I needed to get the valium to take one hour prior.
So she goes to get the drugs and the dr so we can see what we're doing. First thing, turns out I took double what I was supposed to for egg retrieval! HAHAHAHA. No wonder I don't remember anything about that entire 1/2 a day!!!
Then the embryologist comes out. First of all, let me say he is Oriental and somewhat difficult to understand. I was straining to comprehend every word because I didn't want to get anything wrong.

He tells us there is one really good egg, and two decent ones they are going to transfer. I almost jumped out of my seat and hugged him. Instead, I started to weep. Not cry, but the continued conversing with tears streaming down my face weeping. He went on to say there are still 6 more embies he is watching. He is moderately hopeful that maybe 2 of them will progress enough to freeze.

Did I say holy shit?

I was in total shock. We both were. I was so prepared to get there and be told none of the embies progressed and we had nothing to work with and the journey was officially over.
I realize that was only half the battle. Now to see if they stick. Last time we had 2 great embies and neither hung around. But at least there's a chance.
So yesterday and today on couch potatoe assignment. Blah. Just me and the puppy hanging about all day with dear hubby waiting on my ass. Sounds great, right? It's ok. Boring. And add being paranoid that any little move I make could dislodge something.
At the same time, the last go I literally layed on the couch and bed for two days and tried not to move and they STILL didn't stick. So this time I'm not so anal. Plus the dr actually said it's better not to be horozontal, but more just sitting around. I guess every clinic has their own way. I've also read it makes absolutely no difference if you're laying, sitting, or up and about, as long as you're not doing anything to jumpy or stressful. Who the hell knows.........

Thank you everyone for all your prayers and good wishes. Something worked! I'm truly extatic to be at this point. Even if it doesn't work, at least I had a chance. All those belly shots and pills and gina jamming sessions and crappy blood draws and bruises and appointments and retrieval were worth something. I think all IVFers worry about every stage of the game. From follicle counts, to retrieval, to embryo count and quality, to transfer, to the test, to the first trimester.... it's just so hard sometimes. It really does make me feel better to read other people's blogs and see that we're all thinking and thinking and thinking.

Better get back to the lazy boy. Woo hoo. Doesn't it figure the 2 days I have to do nothing but watch tv and movies there is NOTHING ON!!!


Hoping For A Baby said...

What great news! I am so happy and hopeful for you!!! Sending you stickier-than-super glue thoughts :)

Lauren said...

Yeah, Stephanie! I am crying for joy for you right now! You deserve to have this happen for you, and it gives the rest of us hope. Keep me posted, as always, and I will keep you & Todd in my prayers!! I love you, gal!

wzgirl said...

Wow, I was so happily surprised to see your post today! Great news. I do hope that the trend continues! XO

My Reality said...

I hope that things are going well this weekend, and you are doing exactly what you are supposed to be - NOTHING!

sube said...

That IS great news! So glad to hear it. Hoping the 2ww flies by.

lola said...

HOORAY for good news! I'm crossing my fingers for you! Keep us posted :):)