Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Woo hoo! GREAT morning. Blood draw on the first try! Funny how something so simple becomes so exciting. Hey, you try getting poked all the time and then see how happy a good one makes you ~ (that's what she said at the picnic).

Ultrasound shows 18 good follicles, ranging from 17-22!!! 18 bigguns!! Rovie is catching up to Lovie, finally kicking it into gear with some mega production. This count of 18 does not include the several small follicles lurking in the background at a mere 11-14. There's hope for those little ones yet!
Bad news was I had to purchase yet another cartaridge of meds. Add that $385 to the tab. Jeez. Why is this shit so expensive??? Males. They are running the show. You can get a week's worth of hard-ons for a $10 co-pay, but try to get knocked up? Need I say more~ I SO could, but won't....

One positive side effect is my skin looking pretty good. Far from perfect, but it's plump and soft. Or maybe that's just because I have been taking the time to wash it before bed. Hmm.
Still having headaches and fatigue and hunger. Last night was interesting. I was nauseous but my tummy was growling. Quite a delima!

I got my Valium today. They are for the retrieval and the implantation. Thought of maybe telling the Dr. I lost them so I can stock up (0: You never know when you'll need a good dose of Valium, right?


Hoping For A Baby said...

Just wanted to let you know that I'll be adding you to the list of infertility blogs that I read. Love your sarcasm and wit!

Good luck with this cycle! I'll be sending lots of sticky thoughts your way :)

lola said...

hey steph! thx for commenting on my blog :):) it's good to know that a few people are actually reading it!

That is fantastic news about your follies - so many! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and I'll definitely keep the comments coming...