Wednesday, July 25, 2007

the call


Can I get a holy shit?

I am still not finished with the toddler room, although I got off my ass today and started in on some of it.
Haven't painted the upstairs.
Haven't hung the other curtain in the living room.
Haven't painted my bathroom.
Haven't moved the gazillion photo frames from the wall unit (well within midget reach).

Haven't jumped up and down and screamed like I just did since I found out I was going to meet my biological dad.

Now the lingering question is how many? If we foster 2 then we're full for our age group 0-3. Meaning if a baby comes up for adoption we're SOL. And there's no guarantee the foster kids will end-up free for adoption, so there's the risk. Too too too too much to comprehend.....

I'm going to be a mommy!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

I ain't got a job. I ain't go no money. I ain't got no real responsibility!

I am officially unemployed. As of midnight Friday, I have no earned income. Nada. Nothin'. We are a single earning family of two.


I have been killing myself (and my supervisor) getting it all done. Staying most days the last week until 9:00PM. Friday we finally left around 11:15PM, punch drunk and amazed. I refused to leave anything undone. At the same time, if I was not such a damn procrastinator it would never have come to this. So while my super tells me I kick ass for sticking it out and getting it all in, I know in the back of my tired little mind if I'd kept up with it all along we wouldn't be here. Oh well. Although I still fully believe my best work comes out during those last moments!

I have to go back for a court hearing on Wednesday, then a couple of upcoming severance trials. One already set in September, the other TBD. So I'm not entirely out, just mostly. And I won't get paid for anything past Friday. Pisser indeed.

We completed our adoption scrapbook online. I wanted to do it the old fashioned way, but hubby voiced reason and reminded me how totally detailed and anal I am. I started working on our wedding album about a year ago and was clocking about 3-4 hours per page. I had planned on making this album more simple, but he knows me too well.
Completed the album in no time on Pickaboo. It's cute, and if I do say so myself (which I obviously do) funny! I used to look at them all the time, and they were all so similar. Pictures of all the relatives with their names, house pictures, the little park down the street, family pets. But few of them had real character. I decided to risk it and make it funny.
If anyone's interested, I may be convinced to divulge the site information. And this will be a BIG step since no one in the blogland knows what the princess looks like (0:

Now we wait, as freakin usual. Our licensing worker is an idiot. He looses this, forgets that, and then goes on vacation right in the middle of it all. Finally got the adoption certification in and reports we should be done with that in a week. But still dicking around with the foster license. HELLO. That's the whole reason I quit my job dillhole! But really, what's the point in getting upset. It hasn't made a difference thus far, so I've had to just let it roll.

Now that I'm a stay at home mom wanna be, I'l be trying to bust out as many projects as i can. I have a lot of flat paint to cover in this house before little sticky hands are about. There's a lot I'd like to do, but too much time and too little money are not a good mix. I will find myself enjoying the FREEdom of catching up on the blog peeps, maybe trying to add to the list with some current foster parents. Any suggestions?