Monday, November 03, 2008

costume madness and basketball fun

To dress the baby up, or not to dress the baby up. That was the question.

Of course a baby in a costume is just an adorable thing, isn't it? Their little bodies unable to escape whatever element of fabric torture you have deemed appropriate. It can be fun in a very evil sort of way.

But then comes the dollars and sense of it, do you really need to bother with a costume for a baby too young to go out, so that all you get out of it are pictures??

I am evil.

However, baby boy pulled his own shenanigans when I pulled out the on sale pumpkin get-up I selected for this year's torture. I already had a duck costume, but Baby Boy wore it last year and I couldn't bring myself to recycle it just yet. Thus the frantic pawing through discount costumes at the local tarjeeeeee.

First time I put it on him I almost peed myself laughing. In my rush to buy buy buy and get the hell out of the crowd of fellow last minute get-up purchasers, I failed to realize the cute little pumpkin outfit had no legs. It was one big pillow case! No so conducive for an on the move baby....

Once in the outfit, he rolled around on the couch, both looking amused and confused. Had I not been crossing my legs, I would've thought to get the damn camera. I suppose I also figured I'd get a similar reaction when putting it on for the real day.

On hallows eve, I pulled out the pumpkin and Sweet Pea made a crawling break for it. Caught him, got hubby's assistance, but the wiggle worm was having none of it.

So other than the initial laugh, it was ten bucks down the crapper.

Not even a picture.... Oh well.

We were given this basketball toy a while back and for awhile he showed no interest. I lent it to my neighbor as her boys were older and liked playing with balls, but they tired of it quickly. Back it came.

I put it in what used to be our family room (now a giant toy yard/minefield of painful things to step on) and a few days later he decided it looked like fun. As there were no balls that came with it, we had to improvise with his letter blocks.

He stands in front of it and puts the blocks into the basket. The toy itself counts and claps, and he yells and waves his arms around after every 'shot'.

He's also into walking and has taken his first few steps. He toddles around with this little push toy, but gets upset when he runs into the walls. So his laps back and forth become our laps back and forth as we must be there to direct traffic.
He pulls up on anything and everything. His favorite things at the moment are looking out the front window when the dog does (I have these pics but not downloaded of the camera yet), and pulling on the bar stools.
With the stools, he does this little dance to get them to move just a little (they are heavy) and they make this farting kind of noise on the tile. Then he giggles at his achievement.
I think he looks like Elvis when he dances around like that.
This assuming he's still here.