Sunday, September 03, 2006

One down, how many to go???

We've encountered our first change. We, meaning I, are now taking 2 shots per day. Last round of IVF I had one mega shot every evening. Now it's one in the AM and one 12 hours later. This sucks because it means I have to wake-up at the same time every morning, even on my weekends, which this is. So it's up at 7:30 no matter what. The shots need to be within a 1 hour time reference, the closer the better. I figured 7:30 would give me enough time every morning no matter what my schedule for the day.

Shot #1 was like buttu. Did it standing in the kitchen. Why the kitchen? I had to get the meds from the fridge and figured 'screw it. i'm already here'. Injections are in the stomach, below the belly button, so it's not like a need a mirror to see what I'm doing. Think of it like a diabetic with the insulin. After awhile, seems like a waste to get up and go to the bathroom every time you need a new injection, so you end up shooting up wherever you happen to be.

Shot #2 in 5 minutes. Then we're going to sushi - Sakana's for anyone in the Phoenix area. It's the best I've had locally. Huge servings, low prices. What a bargain.....

There's the update. No, I'm not going to post after every injection, although that could be pretty funny. Short little one liners counting each and every stick. But shot #1 is always a doozy. So are the last few because you're so sick of doing it and there are all these little red dots around your belly button. Looks like an infection or something. Then add the heroin chic bruises from the blood can see where this needle numbing bitch session is digressing. So that's all for now.
Maybe I will be annoying and post after every injection. Guess we'll have to see!!!

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