Wednesday, September 06, 2006

No Pain, No Gain

I can honestly say it isn't getting any easier. First shot, no problem. Since then, not so much. My tummy is starting to look like a pin cushion with red dots and bruises under my belly button. A couple of the shots have been irritating, burning and itching during and after the injection. What the hell, man??? Last time I don't remember having a whole lot of issues, except with one medication that gave me a rash after every injection. But none of this with the Follistem before.

My hubby also pointed out that the last Dr. had me in the office every other freakin day. I started shots on Sunday and don't go in until Thursday. That's a lot of inbetween time. Makes me a bit nervous. Do these people know what they're doing? Did we pick the right doctor? Am I seriously going to what if myself to death right in the middle of it? Well, yeah. Obviously I am.

Tomorrow I start another 2 medications. I'll have to read the labels to see what and when. I don't even know if they are shots or pills or what. Both doctors gave me a hokey chart to follow. It's a very elementary spreadsheet. They would do a lot better to upgrade it a bit; really spell it out instead of using the generic one for every patient.
I'm no dummy. But when you're doing this and you're already nervous you start wondering if you forgot something. Especially when you have $4000 worth of medication in bags in your fridge with all these weird labels and instructions. And you're basically on your own. You don't want to call the office every 10 minutes just to make sure. OK. You DO want to call the office every 10 minutes but you're little 'don't be THAT patient' voice kicks in and tells you not to. Then there's the 'yeah yeah, we've been here done that' voice that reminds you you've been through this before and you should know better by now ~ but you really don't.

Maybe we should add a medication for schizophrenia with all these damn voices!!!

There's the update for now. I'll update again after the appointment tomorrow morning. In the meantime, I'll stick with it (pun intended).

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