Thursday, March 27, 2008


Yes folks, here we go again.
Monday night we received Sweet Pea, a 10 week old baby boy.
When he got here he was very obviously neglected. Dirty, smelly, and not so happy looking (go figure). He was substance exposed (meth) at birth, but no information about the levels of exposure to know if he has any residual effects.
He had serious diarrhea and was in obvious discomfort. I think he was given milk and not formula.
He was living with an aunt with three of his siblings. There are seven children in all, three residing with paternal relatives for a long time now, and then a 10 year old, 4 year old, and almost 2 year old.

Actually, we were asked to take the 2 year old, but I had to say no because my dear husband reminded me I was going out of town this weekend and he would be home alone!

Anyhoo, we're acclimating the little guy, as well as ourselves. He's not a sleeper and the first night was up every 45 minutes. The next night up to just over an hour, and last night we had one three hour stretch.

The worker that brought him over was very open about the case, so in turn I briefly told her about my issues with the last worker and asked that whomever took over for her (she is only the investigative worker) know that I will not go quietly this time around. She laughed and said "That's funny shit. I'll pass it on."
I think she will.

So we'll see where we go from here. For now, we're having some difficulty with constant comparisons to the baby boy, but I think that's normal as it is our only experience.

Wish the hubs luck alone with Sweet Pea all weekend. I personally think it's great for him to live in my shoes. Yes, normally we help each other, but he goes out of town a lot and I'm home alone for days. It's high time the shoe was on the other foot (0:


Tricia said...

Sweet Pea- i love it!

A new placement does make the hurt a little less. Don't be afraid of getting attached again.

I'll keep my fingers crossed.

OHN said...

10 weeks...and Mr. Princess is going to be alone....I want to be a fly on the wall.

You know what hon, it doesn't matter how they come to you, you are bound to make comparisons from the only thing you have known. All 3 of mine are different from each other, and we love them for their differences :)

Yondalla said...

I'm glad. Enjoy the babe

And the weekend off.

onaclearday said...

I am a new reader. Good luck with the new little one :)

Stephanie said...

Glad another little one was placed with you. Sounds like you are going to get the poor guy straightened out and healthy. What a blessing you are to this little one!

Good luck to the hubby this weekend! enjoy your trip, hope it for fun.

Amanda said...

I'm glad Sweet Pea came along and I think it will make it easier to deal with the loss.

I feel you on the comparisons, trust me. If it helps, I thought I would be the same way after Baby Bear, but I loved Lily as wholeheartedly as I did him, and relatively quickly, too.

Now, I am nervous for Lucy because Lily is A tough act to follow.

hope548 said...

Wow, I'm excited for you with this new adventure and I hope things go well. You're going to be good for that little boy and I really admire you for opening your heart and home again!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you guys! I know it has to be hard not to compare the boys. Just think how much better you can make this little person's life now. He is in your hands and you guys are his angels. Ok- can I BE any more sappy but I really think babies come into our lives for a great and awesome reason and you guys are wonderful for taking him in. Tell Todd to call me if he needs anything. I might need to bring my 2 guys in tow, but I don't mind whatsoever! Jeanne

Melissa said...

Yay! I'm so glad you got a placement so quickly~! Lots of luck to the hubbs this weekend alone with sweat pea! I'm sure he'll do great.

OHN said...

I know you are away for the weekend but head over to jennas blog..she has a situation that may interest you.

usgirls said...

Good luck with everything! My husband and I are going through a similar process here in Indiana. We've finished classes and are completing our paperwork today.

I would love to have you as a guest blogger on my site at We're just completing a "worst comments" contest this month. Check it out!

Bea said...

Happy you've got Sweet Pea. I guess this is the phase - or is it the next phase, after they settle in and start sleeping better? - where it all seems worthwhile again.

Hope you don't have any social worker issues this time.


Treasured Grace said...

Blessings to you and Sweet Pea. It is strange with another "baby". After having our Sweet Baby for 10 months we now have Precious Baby who came to us at 2 weeks. Although she is a girl I still do not feel the same as I did last time about Sweet Baby. Maybe the attachment will grow and maybe it will be different. Time will tell.
Anyway congrats!

Mary said...

Yeah! A new little one! I'm glad he's there to fill a little of the whole in your heart. I'm so happy for you.

Mary said...

Sorry. That should be "hole" in your heart, not "whole." ;-)