Friday, April 04, 2008


I returned from my weekend trip and both hubs and child were still alive, and the dog, too! All with minimal damage, although drama did occur.
Sweet Pea went from explosive diarrhea to total back-up. Hubs kinda freaked after 24 hours of no poop. Of course he did what we both do, asked jeeves, and was instructed to try some karo syrup and prune juice. ewww.

After both of those failed, he sucked it up and took the boy to the pharmacy where he purchased glycerin enemas. Boy did that work!
His comment was 'that was the most disgusting thing I have ever done or experienced in my life'.

Coy smile from the mama inserted here (0:

After a trip to the pediatrician and some blood work, we've found out Sweet Pea is a-OK. With SEN you never know, so it was a relief.....

We're finally sleeping better at night. Yes, we, as I am the one up with him while hubs gets some z's before having to head out to work every day.
Since I am not a nap person (makes me more tired and I never seem to wake up from them) I am going to bed as close to 8:00 as I can.

Then I sleep in the guest room after the babe wakes up. Thus hubs and I are not exactly spending much time together.
In a way I laugh because I think about how when you have a baby they tell you no sex for 6 weeks.
So I didn't even HAVE the baby, who is almost 12 weeks, and I am too tired to even THINK about sex! Hell, we hardly even see each other, don't sleep in the same bed, and I go to bed so damn early.... Just sayin!

Our next challenge is to get Sweet Pea more used to the car seat. I have to time our outings (what few there have been) around nap time. If he's not sleeping, and he sees you, he screams. It's as though he's trying to tell you that there's no reason he should be in there when you are RIGHT THERE and could/should be holding him.

I have gotten quite skilled at the one handed cart pushing and grocery shopping~

In the next week I hope to catch up with the blogs I read and the bloggers who have lent me their support. I feel so tired these days I rarely get my ass off the couch! But we'll get there. Just need to get reacquainted with this baby baby thing.
We've already discussed if this one goes, we are upping our age range to at least 6 months.
I am convinced I have experienced the newborn thing and am quite over it.
I am looking forward to a time when Sweet Pea is able to interact, go to library time, and so on. I was loving the boy's changes to these stages and am finding it difficult to go backwards.

But we'll get there.


Amanda said...

Oooh, I know what you mean. When I am taking care of Lucy, I often think to myself... "I forgot how boring newborns are."

hope548 said...

A new adventure! I'm glad it's going pretty well and hope Sweat Pea continues to adjust!
Hang in there!

beagle said...

With a little luck, this will be the one that stays!

OHN said...

I can't tell you how many times that I have had friends contemplate "another" baby and decide they just don't want to start over with all the baby beginnings. It really is tougher than you think from the outside looking in :)

My Reality said...

I think you guys are doing an amazing job all around. Even without the sleep!

Janine said...

As foster parents of a few babies over the years, my husband often complains that we just get them to the interesting and sleeping stage, when it's time for them to go. All too true...our little Angel, almost one, looks like going to live with Grandma next week. Court case starts Tuesday. I'm just hoping now for a good transition plan, for Angel's sake.

PaleMother said...

I am a new reader and I just wanted to say hello. All my best wishes for the three of you. I am sorry for all that you have been through recently. I'm sure that I don't have the perfect words to offer support and encouragement, but that that is what I would give to you if a stranger could do that.

:) In a long line of absurdly unfair stuff, I have to say ... having to repeat Newborn Duty back to back ... GAH. I award you the nobel prize for Takes A Lickin' And Keeps On Tickin'. :)

Tricia said...

Other that the nasty sleep- or lack thereof- I love the newborn stage- love, love, love, it!
Just goes to show, we all have our niche... wouldn't take a teen, no way no how.

Bea said...

You're definitely a sucker for punishment! Wishing you many of the little moments that "make it all worthwhile". And a rapid progression to library time.


Kellie said...

I too am a new reader and just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you for putting your life and your experiences "out there" for people like me to read. DH and I are in limbo waiting for our homestudy to be approved, trying to decide whether to adopt through the foster system or whether we might want to foster. So thank you! I'll be back often.