Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Can you repeat that?

We've been officially open for a child for almost two weeks with no call.

Got me thinking - I know, scary stuff.

I called the district office and spoke to the placement coordinator. She remembered me. Looked it up.

We're not on the list.

Say what??? Repeat that???

You're not on the list.

So I've been carrying my cell around with me like it's oxygen and you're telling me it was never even going to ring.

Called licensing worker.

Um, well, the girl told me she put your info in and doesn't know why there is an issue.

Oh, but there is an issue.

Well, she tells me you're on the list getting submitted tomorrow.

OK. Great. Thanks.

We're changing agencies.


Bea said...

Yeah. Sounds like a good call.


OHN said...

And people wonder why our social system is so screwed up? I would love to go in and be the one that slaps some of these agencies around a bit. They are really missing the big picture so often.
Glad you are swithing and not a moment too soon.

hope548 said...


Anonymous said...

We were on the list for 2 months.not one call. Kept bugging agency etc.I know it is hard to be patient. I constantly kept checking my phone.Recently got placement.Now the roller coaster begins again! Hang in there.

My Reality said...

I would be changing, too.

Amanda said...

Aww, geez. I'm sorry.

Kara said...

Crappity, crap, crap, crap.

So sorry to hear about that. It just stinks!

Hang in there and hope that cell rings ASAP.

Tricia said...

Holy cannoli! What the hell??

beagle said...

That's inexcusable. There's a shortage of foster families and they still pull this kind of thing? Unbelievable!