Monday, October 23, 2006

Just some stuff

Once again, sitting at work doing everything BUT work, including reading blogs, posting comments, and creating a new post. I don't even have much to say! Now that we're inbetween, meaning no more ART but not yet starting foster/adopt process, things are just pretty stagnent.
AKA - boring.

We went to the new house on Saturday and it's coming along quickly. Drywall finished, tile in. Needs countertops, carpet, and appliances. And lighting fixtures and that kinda junk. But we're so so so ready to get in there!!! I cannot wait to get started decorating my little butt off. The smell of paint and plastic bags that many decorating necessities come in (curtains, comforters, new pillows). Ahhhhh.

Then we looked in the back yard and realized what a job that's going to be. The lot is .3 acre. That's a whole lotta landscaping! And since we're the do it yourself couple, that's a whole lotta work. Trenching has to be the worst part about it. Muscle building. Like an outdoor gym that gives you blisters and a backache.

Haven't 'gone' anywhere with the homeopathic path to pregnancy. Focusing on losing some weight first. Drinking a ton of water, which means I'm a pee machine. I don't think I have ever spent this much time in the bathroom unless I was ill! Cut back portions by close to 1/2. Trying to eat a lot more veggies - pretty easy since I like most of them. No desserts, even the low fat and calorie, until I lose 15lbs. Clench my butt cheeks going up and down the stairs to 3rd floor apartment. Thigh master thing while watching TV.
And most recently walk/jogging with hubby. Went yesterday in the AM, bout a mile. Not bad for the first go in a long while. May not have been good timing since in the afternoon I went with my friend and her 2 boys (ones from the
why my husband needs parenting classes post) to a pumpkin festival. Spent about 4.5 hours on my feet. It was fun with rides and carnival type atmosphere.
First week lost 4lbs. Last week -2. Guess that's progress but I am not a patient person. I want instant results! Oh well.

Um, what else of interest. Bought a new couch. GIANT sectional to be delivered when we move. It's an L shape with two full couches and a chaise at the end. Microfabric, boring taupe color. Really comfy. It will be in the family room, replacing the 2 couches we currently have that are a nightmare. Bought them at a model home furniture sale for a steal. Neglected to realize the fabric was a kind of woven material in which all dog hair worked it's way into and did not want to come out without hours of hand vacuuming. They're pretty trashed with sheets covering them. Classy, I know. Hubby wants to toss them but being the Mrs. Frugal I am I have overridden this impulse decision and elected we are going to put them in the loft and I will purchase couch covers when they go on sale somewhere. You won't really see them in the loft, anyway.

I guess that's it. Was it worth your time reading? (0:
Oh Oh Oh!!!!! I almost forgot that you need to look at this
page ASAP. The Nixter and I have decided to run with the Secret Santa idea. The problem is we need some participants! I got some good feedback on my post bringing it up, but now we need some committment people!! The instructions are on her site, which the page reference above should take you to. So join in the fun and give me something to do or I will continue to write rambling posts like this one!!!


Hopeful Mother said...

Congrats on the weight loss - that is impressive!

The house sounds like a lot of work, but in a good productive way. I love landscaping, but our 7500 ft lot is enough for me!

Baby Blues said...

Finishing the new house and doing the landscaping sounds exciting! Have fun!

Good luck on loosing weight. I'm just like you, I want instant results. I'm a chronic crash dieter. I know it sounds bad. But the hardest part in loosing weight is maintaining the weight lost. We love to eat! What works for me is the South Beach Diet. The first few days would make me cranky, but once your body starts adjusting, you'll shed pounds easily. I plan to start this when we get back from Singapore and before we head to our Boracay vacation.

sube said...

Love making house plans! It's been one of my primary distractions these days, too. Hope you're having fun with it.

chloe said...

Just like with anything, I think it sounds like so much fun getting your house together! I'm sure it's not as fun for you though, making decisions and waiting for results is not so fun, I know.

Keep going with the walking! That is so great!