Monday, October 09, 2006

I've been tagged

Baby Blue said it already, that there is this tagging thing going around with words given and responses requested. I have read everyone else's and always find them interesting to see how many variations of thought can revolve around one word. So here's mine:
1. Dive: EXTACY. I love scuba diving. Learned to swim before walking, a total water hog. Swam year round, synchonized swimmer, speed swimming, snorkeling, and then diving. I plan every vacation by first asking 'how's the diving there?'
2. Blue: My pool room at my old house. It had a blue felted pool table (get it, pool room) in it so I sponge painted two of the walls with blue colors. It looked pretty freakin' good!
3. Apple: Cider. We just got back from a 3 day mini holiday. Went to Sedona, Oak Creek, and Jerome. In Oak Creek, there are a bunch of apple orchards and this one road side stop where they sell organic apple cider. It is like a meal in itself. Like drinking an apple.
4. Hot: tub. Stayed at my parent's time share in Sedona and there is a jacuzzi tub in the bathroom. It's more of a jacuzzi then a tub with jets all over and seating for 2. I was in that thing at least twice a day and it was so hot the entire bathroom would steam up. It wasn't a good one unless I was purple when I got out.

So hmmmm. Now I need to play and tag someone else. Let's go with MIL Doris (and Ez but I know Doris does all the posting), and SIL Millicent, and NikkiNix. Your words will be:
1. jewels
2. fizzy
3. corner
4. unicorn

These may be silly words but I wrote whatever came to mind. Keeping it interesting, right?!?

Anyhow, how a pretty good vaca. Of course, Aunt flow packed up ALL of her stuff and came along for the ride, whining and complaining and being a total pain. And I mean total. Cramps like someone ripping the womanhood right out of me.

I commented to hubby that this is insult to injury. I mean, we've gotten the news we're not pregnant, a.g.a.i.n, and now this hellacious period. I have always had pretty nasty ones, but always thought it was ok because it served a purpose. What's the point now when I can't get pregnant??? Jaysus! Just makes it more annoying. Like a daily reminder of hahaha I don't work....... I digress.

So the three of us did our best to have a nice 'romantic' time. We tried and tried to kick AF to the back seat or leave her on the side of the road but she continuously caught up with us over and over again. Hiking? There she is. Romantic dinner? Yep. Looking at amazing art in Jerome? You guessed it. Five days and the bitch still hasn't let up. Starting to piss me off (0:

Obviously I'm doing pretty ok. As long as I don't talk about it out loud with anyone other then hubby. We've been discussing everything from foster care to adoption to decorating the nursery. I confided that I will never really give up the quest, and will still be looking at that calendar every month for awhile, and he didn't say much. I am pretty sure he already knew. As long as we move on I figure I can still hold on just a bit. Just in case~


Baby Blues said...

That cracks me up! Aunt Flow is just totally annoying! You're right, she's insult to injury.
And having her tag along during vacations is such a pain!

Bea said...

The ultimate third wheel.

Hope to hear you feeling a little physically better soon, at least.


NikkiNix said...


FOr goodness sakes :P

Anonymous said...

It is good to hear you did have a nice vacation. I hope that 3rd wheel leaves soon.

Hoping For A Baby said...

AF... To come with you, completely uninvited, on your vacation is just too much! It's like she knows which buttons to push, and then pushes all of them like a spoiled brat! What a b*tch!

Lara said...

First off thanks for your comment on my blog! Second of all, I think that having a Hellacious period after a medicated cycle isn't that uncommon is it? It sucks though, I feel for ya my fellow zonie! Glad to hear you're coping. :)

Bea said...

Hey steph, I noticed your comment on my blog today, and I just wanted to clear up. I'm taking a break at the moment, but we're still (presently) planning on coming back to IVF next year (or whenever the "dread" goes away). So my situation is a bit different to yours.

I'm sorry - I know how good it feels to have a buddy going through the same things at the same time, and I hope you find one. But I can only try (and fail) to imagine where you're at just now.

I still wish you happiness and would love to see where your journey takes you next.


sube said...

Sounds like a nice vacation, except for your uninvited guest. Hrumph. The organic apple cider sounds downright heavenly. I grew up in New England, so this time of year makes me homesick for crisp apples and brilliant fall color.

Good luck with the "what's next" conversations. I know they can be difficult in all kinds of ways.