Thursday, April 24, 2008

Who is THIS baby??

I think we've had a break through.

In an effort not to jinx it, everyone take a moment to knock on some wood.



For the last 2 nights Sweet Pea has slept for 9 hours straight. To bed around 8, then not up until around 4:45. Since I am not used to it, and neither is hubbs, we were unable to relish in this uninterrupted sleep as we were subconsciously waiting for the howl and when we didn't hear it became restless, finally getting up several times to check to make sure Sweet Pea was still breathing!
After a bottle, he went back to sleep until 7:30. THEN WOKE UP HAPPY!!!!

Now this boy is a screamer. Wakes up - screams. Wants to change position - screams. Decides he is hungry right this very moment - screams.
So to wake up in the morning making little baby noises and just chilling is a major accomplishment.

He is making eye contact like crazy, smiling, self soothing, and playing alone. He is able to lay under the baby einstein mat and play with toys (more like flailing around and sometimes his hands or feet land on the swinging toys).

It's amazing to see how far he's come in a month. I realize some of it is normal development, but so much of it is not. He was so neglected he has become angry and withdrawn at only 2 months old. THIS is what foster kids are often like.

They have finally set up visits. Mom is in an in patient treatment center and is reportedly doing well. I spoke to the other foster parents briefly and the other three kids are doing well. The 2 and 4 year old cry and say they miss their mom. The 10 year old has started opening up about what was happening in the home. Reports mom got a job at a fast food place and would leave him in charge of the kids. Wonderful.

Visits will be twice per week for two hours. I am not so thrilled with this as one visit will be on Saturdays. Not that it's a major family day or anything, but it is when we usually hang out together. Hubbs tends to get home from work late and we don't spend too much time together. Oh well.

For my brief asshole moment (don't judge me) all i am really hoping is mom relapses and/or starts no showing for visits.

At least Sweet Pea is too young to be really effected by the visitation. I will be transporting and have requested I be able to stay during the visit so that if Mom is playing with the other kids I can hold Sweet Pea instead of some stranger.
I feel bad for the other foster parents because I know if the kids are crying for mom now, it's likely to get worse before better after visits.

We're looking forward to our trip next weekend. 3 days in San Francisco! We have a portable bed for the baby (called a pea pod). It's like a miniature pop tent and super cool! Got our 'portable' swing today, jury still out on that one.....
Making sure I've got warm clothes pulled out since it will be colder there - it's already 90 here.

Should be fun and interesting!
If you didn't knock on wood as requested at the beginning of this post, please do so now. I would like to continue my sleep sessions and happy mornings!


Yondalla said...

knocking as I type.

Sort of.

Is it bad luck that the word I below that I have to type is "jxiux"? Isn't that just a bit too close to "jinx"?


Knocking! Knocking!

Eos said...

Can't remember if I posted before but I've been enjoying catching up on your entries.

I knocked but you did tempt fate by writing it out!LOL kidding's to restful nights in the future!

Have you been to SF before...can't remember if I read of my favorite cities.

Grannymar said...

Delighted to hear you had some settled nights. Now to teach the Upgrowns to sleep! ;)

One day at a time.

hope548 said...

Sounds like you've been a good and stable influence on Sweet Pea. It's so wonderful there are people like you and your husband that want to help these kids and DO help them!
Doesn't sound like a very good home situation. Just amazes me, but I know they do all they can to keep the family together. I hope it goes ok.
Have a great time on your trip!

Amanda said...

So glad you're getting some sleep - don't you hate it when you keep waking up on schedule anyway??

Bea said...

Yay for sleeping! Knocking, knocking, knocking...