Friday, January 25, 2008

where's the motivation?

I appreciate every one's words of wisdom and comfort. It prompted me to take some action. Well, that and a conversation with the case aide that transports the boy to and from his visits~

Last week I asked her to check with the MGM what she still needed for the baby. I received a clothing allowance and although it's more then spent over the last 6 months, I would purchase an exersaucer if she didn't have one. He loves his and I figured it could be considered a non-necessity. Plus, they have tons of them as the used store for so cheap and I have time to shop....
Case aide comes back from the visit and informs me MGM has nothing. NOTHING. She commented MGM said she wasn't sure when or if he was coming so she hadn't invested yet.

This stemmed two thoughts. One, she's not particularly motivated. Two, the case manager isn't being forthright with anyone.
She told me he was going as soon as MGM got back on her feet after the fire. She now has her rental home and according to the kids (her other kids living with her whom I speak with at the visits and ask small questions) said they have replaced pretty much everything.
So what's the deal???

I sent an e-mail to the GAL asking her to call. I told her what I knew and that there hasn't been any real increase in visitation. There wasn't even a visit this week.
I asked if the possibility of an 'open' adoption had even been discussed. Has anyone thought to ask MGM if she would like to be a grandma and not a new mom?? GAL heard me out, agreed with my concerns, and plans to call not only the CM, but the MGM's atty.
Oh, yeah, she has an attorney because SHE had an open case with the baby's mom. You know, because her boyfriend was admittedly molesting her. Don't even get me started down this path.

Now I'm waiting to see what the GAL has to say after talking to the other parties. This will probably not happen for a week with all the phone tag, but she's on it. Having co-workers who worked with her before, I know she will follow-up.

At the end of the day, no matter how much I want to keep my little boy, if he's going to MGM I want it to be as smooth a transition as possible. Let's do SOMETHING. There is no reason this case is not moving in some direction.

Oh, and to add to the irritation, I called the case aide this morning to see if I forgot to write down a visit for today or something. She informed me she was out of the office Monday and Tuesday but has asked MGM to call her to schedule. She did not. Is there any motivation here or is the stupid CM pushing her to take him???

Let's hope the GAL gets somewhere. Anywhere.


My Reality said...

You would think if she really wanted him, she would be doing everything to get at him. I hope they get to the bottom of this, and soon.

OHN said...

That is what I was driving at in my rambling response yesterday. I was thinking that it sounded more like the boy was being "forced" on her when she really wasn't that interested in being a mom figure again. In a perfect world a social worker would talk to her, and she would sign whatever to give permanent custody to you. I am hoping for a perfect world.

Tricia said...

You heard about the Gabriel Allred story from Oregon, yes?

Elsa said...

The idea of an open adoption sounds good in this case. I hope the GAL comes back with some type of update soon! It does seem like the CW is just going through the motions.

Dream Mommy said...

I would be doing EVERYTHING in my power ASAP if I really wanted my grandson. Maybe the open adoption idea will work.

Amanda said...

I would walk across glass to keep Lily, if I got the chance.

All Dad has to do is show up for visits and get a job... any job.

It's such an unfair double standard.

LIW (Lady In Waiting) said...

It sounds to me like the GM is being pushed into taking him. I am so excited that there appears to be a chance that you could keep him. It's probably too scary for you to be excited so I will be excited for you!!


Chris said...

Oh I feel for you and the utter frustration of your situation. I honestly don't know how you do it. Did you get my email about getting together on a Tuesday or Thursday morning? Or Wednesday afternoon? Or last minutes any day that I don't get called to sub?

CA Momma said...

Oh, wouldn't that be great?!? Sounds like an open adoption would be good for all involved.

hope548 said...

Sounds very frustrating especially considering how much you're doing to help this along. I look forward to hearing what develops.