Friday, January 18, 2008

to drug or not to drug....

I am happy to see some new peeps checking me out (haha). I am also happy to see some 'old' peeps still sticking around to see what happens next~

I took the boy in for his 6 month shots; yes, we were very late getting these as he is now 8 months, but oh well.
Anyhoo, he's been on a no eating kick for a bit. First there was the issue I wrote about talking with his mouth full and spraying food everywhere. Then the tide changed. He started straightening out his little body stiff as a board when I tried to put him in the high chair, followed by whining and crying, though not always with tears. Then he would open his mouth for food only to spit it right back out 2 seconds after I got it in there. This was a test in patience.

After the third go of this, I decided to hell with it. He still gets his bottles so he's not starving to death by any means. I figured we'd ride it out and see what happened.

Back to the pediatrician....... She checks and says he MIGHT have an ear infection, it's too hard to tell. This could be the reasoning behind his not wanting to eat.

This brings up two things for me.
ONE - it's not as though he lost his appetite. He was chugging formula like no body's business. It appeared to me to be the desire for instant gratification. I am hungry now so I want a bottle now, not this food crap that takes awhile and doesn't satisfy me in thirty seconds or less.
TWO - she wrote a prescription for antibiotics. Antibiotics for a maybe ear infection. hmmmm. Not a fan.

After discussion with hubs, vote was no meds. Instead, will monitor his behavior and see how he does, and even then look for a homeopathic solution before heading down the drug highway.

Day after the appointment, AND four shots, he's fine. Eating like a pig again.

What are your thoughts on meds for wee ones? Or anyone for that matter? I myself am asthmatic and have major allergies. I was on steroids for years and years as a child, resulting in discolored teeth and an adult infatuation with all things natural. I still pop aspirin and use an inhaler, but ran into this mental block when it came to getting this prescription filled for the baby.

I have decided to put a small thing about myself at the bottom of each post. I urge you to do this as well as we talk about what's happening, but it would be nice to get to know some of you, even if a little at a time.

* I took cake decorating courses. I can make flowers and things to make a cake pretty BUT I suck at baking and frosting. Makes it a little complicated.


Anonymous said...

I think in this case, don't drug. It does sound like he has improved.

Yondalla said...

As the mother of kids who had a lot of ear infections, I happen to have an answer! A lot of ear infections are caused by viruses and so won't respond to antibiotics. About 10 years ago (very roughly) the recommendation was that kids with ear infections be given a few days to see if it gets better. I had one doctor to tell me that and then my regular physician tell me 6 months later that the recommendation wasn't working out because too many parents insisted, and a bunch of them just had to come back three days later to get the prescription.

So...holding the prescription for a couple of days makes sense.

On the other hand, if it doesn't clear up quickly, I would not hesitate to use them. A ruptured ear drum is no fun, and it is possible to loose hearing from an untreated ear infection. My FIL is deaf in one ear because of that.

And most of that information is dated, so take it with a grain of salt!

Anonymous said...

I knew a young lady, you know her too. At nine months she refused to open her mouth for spoon feeds. We always sat her in the high chair at the table and we all eat together.

I got fed up with the negative head waving so I set the filled spoon down on the dish and went on with my own food.

Young lady lifted the spoon and fed her self! I tried to give her the next spoonful and we went through the whole palaver again.

I set the spoon full of food on the dish once more and she did the same thing. She was able to put the food in her mouth but not able to gather it on the spoon.

Meals were easier after that and as you know she loves all food and never looked back.

liveurlife said...

I would skip the drugs for a "maybe" ear infection. I think some parents need to leave with a perscription.

Bea said...

I just wanted to say, it's really, really hard to see the "post a comment" button with this colour on my screen. Anyone else finding this?

Um, right, meds. I guess it depends how certain the doc is. Antibiotics are wonderful and often very necessary things, and you wouldn't want to *not* give them if they're needed. There is a difference between sucking and chewing as well, as far as pressure on ears is concerned. It's hard to say from here what you should do, apart from definitely watch for new or worsening signs!