Thursday, January 31, 2008

My best friend's parents are like my own. Whenever things were bad at home, I went there. It was my safe haven. They call me their other daughter and I call them mom and dad.

Yesterday morning, Dad was in a bad car accident. He was outside of town driving to NM for work like he did all the time.
A semi truck had overturned in the road. Another semi had stopped to aide him. Dad didn't see either. He hit one, rolled, then hit the other.

Now he's in ICU with a shattered ankle, two broken legs, a broken pelvis, a broken hip, a broken sternum, all of his ribs are broken, the ones on the right obliterated, a collapsed lung, an arm broken in two places, and a broken hand. We aren't sure about his spine yet, but he can move his fingers and toes.

His heart is good and his head is good. His head is REALLY good. Today he was aware, writing questions, holding our hands, even making a joke about needing his granddaughter's boo boo buddy.

He is just so so so broken.

His first surgery was this morning and it went well. They are worried they may have to amputate his foot if the ankle isn't repairable. They are worried about pneumonia. They are worried about a lot of things.

So whatever higher power you find yourself turning to for advisement, ask for a little help here. I don't think we would survive without him.


Kara said...

Many prayers from me for your "dad", that is amazing that he is alert after all of that happened. Great news that his head is ok, amazing about what our bodies can go through.

I bet his recovery will happen quickly, it sounds like he has alot of love and support to get him through this.

elly parker said...

Oh babes, I'm so sorry to hear that! My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Amanda said...

OMG. I am so sorry to hear about your dad - poor, poor man. I hope his recovery goes as smoothly as it possibly can.

Beagle said...

Sending good thoughts his way. He's got a tough time ahead but between his great attitude and all of your love, I think he'll amaze everyone with his recovery.

Brandy said...

My prayers will be there for all of you.

wzgirl said...

Oh wow. I sure hope that your next post is with news of recovery...xo

CA Momma said...

Oh Steph, both you and Dad have my thoughts with you.

OHN said...

Wow.I hope he can maintain that good attitude. It sounds like he has a fairly long recovery ahead. What a scary sounding accident!