Friday, February 29, 2008

rantings and updates

For someone with no job and not much to do, I seem to be struggling to keep up on blogging. This includes writing & reading.
There are days in which I will spend hours (of course these hours are broken up by nap times) catching up on people's posts. Then there are times when I don't. I apologize in advance, if any such apology is needed, for my inconsistency. Sometimes I feel guilty about not keeping up, especially with those whose stories have inspired me, or advice via comments on my own posts have offered insight, blessings, or encouragement. I really do appreciate all of it.

I have long noticed a trend in blogging, that the more sad, depressing, or horrific the content of the post, the more people appear to be reading. The day to day stuff is less interesting I suppose. Or maybe this is my jaded perception. It's here nor there. I equate it to a good book. I just finished a book that was about a boy's life after accidentally allowing his little brother to drown while he was giving him a bath. He thought the gesture would make his mother happy as she was always complaining about how dirty the boy was. After getting him into the bath, he was "squirmy" so the brother went to his room to fetch a toy to keep him occupied so he could properly wash him. When he returned a moment later the boy was gone.
He spent the rest of his life atoning. Mother became alcoholic and dependent upon prescription drugs, father not really there. He dropped out of college to take care of his mother and ended-up with no life of his own.

The book was totally boring.

Thus my comparison to blogging. I may have found it more interesting if I could relate, or maybe if I had known someone like that.
This also correlates to how I read blogs.
I like the day to day stuff. I relate to staying at home, or caring for kids, or anything that could just as well happen to me.

And now that I've gone off on this tangent, I find myself lacking a point!
So we'll venture off~

Boy finally had a visit with MGM yesterday. Aide was 45 minutes late picking him up so I seriously doubt the visit was all of the 90 minutes it was supposed to be. At least it was at her home and not the CPS office. Again, he didn't eat at the visit. For me this is a sign of comfort. Eating and sleeping are things most young kids only do when truly comfortable with the person and environment.

I have not heard back from his CM after both an e-mail and a voicemail. No surprise there. In a way I understand since his case is not a major priority. I myself was often guilty of not focusing on the 'easy' cases because I had so many volatile issues happening on other cases that needed immediate attention. That knowledge and understanding does not make it any less annoying now that I am on the other side.....

We continue to just take it day by day. I am assured MGM still wants him and that he will be going to her. OK. I get it. But when? And how? These are the times my being a CPS worker back fires on me as I KNOW this is not going as it should.

The sleeping issues are resolved. We're now working on the eating. Trying to get him to try new things and be less dependent on formula. At 9 1/2 months I feel he should be learning more, but I could be wrong. He's all over the house, crawling and standing and walking around the coffee table. He babbles and sometimes says things that sound like words, but I can't be sure.

Two days ago I said to him 'you've got boogers in your nose!' and he said 'booga'. He's said it a few times since but I think he's just learning to put some of the sounds he knows together. I would hate to think one of his first words was actually booger.


Amanda said...

It's so hard to be one of the safe, easy cases. Because unfortunately those turn into hard cases when they are drawn out too long - or at least hard cases for us and the babies we care for.

hope548 said...

I'm the same way, sometimes I'll shy away from blogs when I can't at all relate. I think we all do it.

I can't imagine your frustration with the whole MGM situation. I hope you will get some answers soon.

Have a good weekend.

AnnMarie said...

My girl didn't say her first words till she was 16 months old. She babbled forever! And even after those first words, she didn't collect more than 100 by the time she was 2. But luckily those first words were Good Girl and Thank You!

Beagle said...

Don't underestimate the importance of boogers in the life of a toddler. Not a bad word to learn at all.

OK, so it's all I can come up with. Now you're wishing I hadn't commented, right?

I comment a little less lately because I am doom personified right now.

Still reading though!