Sunday, February 17, 2008

Limbo and Cherios

Thanks for the assvice.....
Friday night I put him to bed as I used to. No muss, no fuss. Just a bath, small rock in the recliner in his room in the dark while singing, then in to the crib you go. I knew he was tired, so after about 2 minutes of crying he was asleep.
Woo hoo, right?
Nuh Uh.

About an hour later, up crying. Standing in his crib. Then screaming. Went in, told him no, it was time to sleep, layed him back down, left again. This went on for 1.5 hours. Thank goodness my hubby was there with me, and we took turns going in every few minutes. After he started to tire, we rubbed his back a little bit to help calm him and he finally went down for good.
All night. (0:

Last night, went right to sleep. Didn't wake up until 4:45, and wouldn't go back to sleep. Tried everything, until about 6:00 I thought, well maybe he's hungry. Sure enough, sucked down 5 ounces and went right back to sleep ~ until 9:15 this morning (a new record).

So now we're on to the no eating thing. I know his appetite was bad for a bit, likely b/c of being sick and the meds. Would normally suck down 7 ounces like nothing, now barely interested in 3. But today he is more interested in formula, although not much else. Cherios. He's in to those. So it's formula and cereal and nothing else.

Aside from that, we're still living in limbo land. There was supposed to be a court hearing last Thursday to discuss his Change in Physical custody Motion to MGM. GAL called in the AM to let me know she was at court (she usually is all day) and the hearing was not on the Judge's calender. Wasn't sure why, but said not to worry b/c she submitted a written response to the motion voicing her concerns with the lack of transition. She does not believe the Judge will sign off on it, but wanted me to keep in close contact with her on the visitation or any communications with the CM.

There was no visit last week. None. Not even a phone call.

I just don't get it.


Anonymous said...

I don't get it, either. You would think that there would be a bit more effort put into seeing him.

Tricia said...

Glad the sleeping is better- hope it sticks!

If visits ever come to fruition be sure to send a transition item with him- It helps.