Thursday, June 12, 2008

too much time on my hands

I've always been a bit of a daydreamer. OK. That's an understatement. I am a major daydreamer. Being creative makes it all the more interesting. Being a stay at home parent makes it all the more frequent.

This week I've been having a reoccurring fantasy that I lose my memory. Car accident, slip and fall walking, the damage comes in different forms. Some of the time I am hurt and in the hospital, some of the time I am fine except for the brain damage. Every once in awhile I take it a step further and imagine I lost 50lbs and all my wrinkles disappeared.....

Then I have to find out who I am by finding out who I was. I send out a group e-mail to everyone in my contact list asking for people to volunteer their time to fill me in.

But really, I HAVE my memory. This is a ploy to find out what people really think about me. To see why ex boyfriends are, well, exed. To find out why I don't talk to this friend anymore and why the other one still puts up with me.

Some of the time I truly lose my memory and have to start over. I have to decide if the new me still loves my husband, wants to do foster care or even have children, etc etc.

I know there's been movies about this sort of thing and a few TV shows, but it's all new and genuine when it's scripted in my head.

How about you. What's your daydream/fantasy? Either your current or favorite, inquiring minds want to know~


Anonymous said...

My current fantasy is that my foster son that we've had since birth (he's 16 months) does not leave. He is supposed to be leaving to live with a relative out of state that he has met only once for a few hours.I run all of these very unlikely scenerios thru my head. I know that I should be preparing myself but at this point it is easier to dream than to face the reality.

OHN said...

On any given day, you can pick from the following:

1) Young, single and RICHwith an awesome apartment in new york city.

2) Standing up at the state lottery office collecting my ginormous check that I won. I would have so much fun spending some and giving some away.

3) Having my face and body look like they did before I started to look in the mirror and see my mother looking back.

I have been a lifelong daydreamer which was obvious by my grades in school-lol.

My Reality said...

My fantasy -

I am rich, skinny and a SAHM mom to 2 kids. I can bake cookies everyday and eat them and never worry about the calories. I do all the cheesy craft projects and volunteer at their schools. It doesn't sound exciting, but it sounds pretty damn perfect in my mind.

Diane said...

I just found your site and have enjoyed reading your posts. I will be checking it as often as I have time.

beagle said...

My only recurring daydream is the one where they hand me a baby of my own.

The rest is just a nightmare.

(well, OK, maybe not a mightmare, just an endless shittiness).

GirlSpeaks said...

I'm lame... My current dream/fantasy is that HER number/name shows up on my phone when I get a text/call... or that I see her name on an email in my inbox... To hear that you are loved, and then to hear nothing at all takes its toll....

Amanda said...

My recurring daydream involves me being independently wealthy, allowing us to live on a beach where I can watch my girls (who are officially mine forever) run around in the ocean.

Without worrying about them drowning :-)