Tuesday, September 25, 2007

foster care updates and such

The boy may be leaving.


This is the risk you take when you sign up for foster care. You risk giving your heart to this little soul, only to have it fly away.
He is such a wonderful baby, smiling all the time. ALL THE TIME. hard to believe any person of any age could be this happy, but he is.

We have no details yet, only that the MGM is being considered for placement. I have a call in to the case manager trying to get a time line.
I am hopeful there will be enough time between now and then to work on a slow transition. He has recently become upset by strangers. He cried during the last visit and was hard to console. I know MGM works, thus will be putting him in daycare. While this is unavoidable, it will be hard for him as now he's with me all day and night. If there is time, I would like to start putting him in daycare a little at a time so he acclimates to the change.

I am hoping he is in her home before the holidays. Not only because I think it would be wonderful to have their entire family there when it means so much, but also because it will be hard to have him here for his first Christmas, knowing he will be leaving shortly thereafter (I am assuming).
His departure would also open us up for a possible sibling ADOPTIVE placement. As it stands, we are licensed for 2 children. This means we only have one opening for a possible adoptive placement. We were going to amend our license in January to three children if we knew he would be going to a relative. We have a higher chance with an adoptive home for two.

So we are sad, but trying to enjoy the time we have. I finally got him on a night time routine that is doing the trick. For future reference, he now has a bottle when he starts to get cranky, around 7:30. Then we keep him awake for 10-15 more minutes before giving him a bath. After bath we have quiet time massaging lotion on and getting into our pajamas - which I must say I have always thought babies in footsie pjs is the cutest thing ever. Then it's off to sleep. For 10 hours. TEN HOURS. Straight.
Of course the long sleeps at night mean shorter naps, but mommy loves her nightly rest!
he's also into the exersaucer. Jumping and jumping and, um, jumping! Now when you hold him on your lap he keeps on jumping, which is one of the times it's nice to be a girl without so many fragile things for baby feet to trample (0:

Now we wait and see. I'll try to update more as we go.....

And almost forgot! I found a mommy playgroup in the area and will be meeting them on Thursday at the park. While I am happy to have found a possible big people connection, I find myself dreading it as well. I hate feeling like I HAVE to make new friends. Have I mentioned I don't like people?? Should be interesting!


Anonymous said...

I am sorry this little guy might be leaving. I don't think I am strong enough to do foster care.

Bea said...

Oh, it's so sad he's leaving. Glad you're able to enjoy the time you have left, but so heartbreaking. I hope a child comes to you for adoption soon.


OHN said...

Your post is EXACTLY why I could never foster. If I could get it in writing that the little one would never leave, I would do it in a heartbeat.

I applaud your strength, because you must have A LOT of it!

Stephanie said...

oh, im so sad the little guy is leaving. You sound like you were prepared for this if it happend, but I am sure it will be a heart breaking day when it comes.

Chris said...

I'm so sorry that your little guy will be moving on. I know how much you have enjoyed your time and can only imagine how hard this must be for you now. Your strength is amazing and I hope more little ones come to you soon.

Beagle said...

Like others have said, I admire your strength. I hope you get a forever placement soon. Enjoy this little guy for now . . . What a great attitude!

CA Momma said...

The last part of your post made me laugh out loud. Nothing like "hating people" (which I do too) and having to meet and play nice with the perfect, smiling mommy brigade at the park.