Wednesday, March 28, 2007

painting and such nonsense

The nursery is finally painted. A pale cream yellow and green. And today we finally had our blinds installed, white wood, so the room is starting to look like it has a purpose. The little crib looks lost in the room without any other furniture, but I know I'll get there. I'm just picky and anal about everything matching. Not matching like the entire bathroom collection matching, but an oak crib needs an oak dresser matching. I am fully aware this will take some time.
But it's started!
I find myself getting more excited as the days pass. I cannot wait to leave my job, although I know I will miss it. I will miss my work friends. I will miss the kids on my case load. I will miss the frightening way I find humor in things that aren't that funny. I will miss cursing a lot. After awhile, I'm sure I'll miss the purpose of it all, the responsibility of court, the control I have.

At my home visits, I am finding I spend more time asking about the day to day activities of the home. Trying to get a better idea of what I'm in for, what the system is like from the other side. I can honestly say the picture is not so pretty. Knowing so much could easily backfire. I already pity the case manager who places a child in my home. Especially if they are new.

Not much else happening. We go to CPR training tonight and half of our licensing class will most likely be there as well. We have one class to make-up next month, then we're finished with that part. We both have to go to the dr to get approved physically, a few odds and ends ppwk to wrap up.
My shower is next month and I'm looking forward to it. I'm more into giving then getting, so parties on my behalf make me uncomfortable. I don't like opening presents in front of others, but I know how much I enjoy seeing my friend's expressions when they open my gifts to them, and I'll keep that in mind now that the table is turned. And I really really hope I get a baby b/c I am going to have a crapload of stuff! If a 3 year old walks in here they will be really bored...

I finally made an appointment with the fertility doc. It's for April fools. I have already decided I'm going to walk in and tell him I'm pregnant with quads and plan to sue.


Baby Blues said...

That April Fool's prank would be hilarious!

Post pictures of the nursery. I'd love to see it.

OHN said...

We sent our infertility doc a "bill" when we adopted our son. We charged him for renting and practicing on me..he said it was a first but laughed thankfully :)

Don't worry about missing out on the laughing at horrid things or the cursing..find a good playgroup and you will get all that and if you are really lucky some brownies or wine too :)

I hear ya on the shower thing....even at my wedding I was very uncomfortable being the center of sad is that??!! I would much rather be AT the party than BE the party.

Upload some photos...the colors sound like what we are going to paint our porch off our deck..I would like to see if I like it, so thanks for painting a whole room just for me :)

Anonymous said...

You are right - a room needs to match. I am glad you are making progress.

I don't like being the center of attention, so I know what you mean about showers for you. But you deserve it. Enjoy it. And remember that this one of the things that infertility can't take away from you. You have the right to celebrate becoming a mom. It doesn't matter how you become a mom, but it does need to be celebrated!