Monday, March 19, 2007

Girl's Night Update

There were 3 of us.... SIL, friend, me. I booked a hotel room close to the dance club I found online. I was excited to go to it because it appeared to be more alternative, which I like better then the techno crap we usually find.

CHAPTER ONE: We arrive at the hotel. Shithole. I fully expected to run into someone on my caseload. Extended stay. Should have been my first clue, but when on a budget and going for convenience, caution is thrown by the wayside. Oh well, we all say. None of us really care and it does add an element of interest we would not generally find at any ol' Motel 6.

CHAPTER TWO: We get ready. I am a fan of glamming it up a bit when I go out. Glitter-good. Jewelry-good. Cleavage-good. Lots and lots of make-up-good. Nails painted dark purple. Sparkle applied to face and the girls. Jewelry added for good measure.

CHAPTER THREE: We walk to the club. Not sure if we're going the right way b/c my dumb ass left the directions at home. We think we spot it. No.
THIS can not be it.
THIS is a hole in the wall next door to a Circle K.
Nuh uh.
THIS was it.

CHAPTER FOUR: I have entered the alternative mecca. Chics with black hair, short bangs, knee socks. Dudes with spiked hair, wallet chains, spiked denim jackets. The aroma of clove cigarettes, B.O. I look ridiculous. I feel ridiculous. I need some drinks.

CHAPTER FIVE: Discussion held, stay or go. Issue with going is the walk back to hotel, then having to drive to another part of town, then driving back. Plus it's already almost 12 so we've got 2 hours. Decide to drink and think. We stay. We drink. We dance. We no longer give a shit if we fit in. We have a good time.

CHAPTER SIX: We spend the night in the hole. Shooting the shit until 4AM, then tossing and turning, squinting against the light coming in the single window, trying to eek out a bit of sleep.

POST: All in a sad state, some more then others
(you know who you are).
But a fun night. And although I have learned to put up pictures, none of them will be posted to protect the identities of three drunk chics, myself included.


Baby Blues said...

Sounds crazy and fun!

Beagle said...

I wish I were brave enough to have a little fun.

Glad you did!

PS Cute puppies!