Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Still Dreaming of a White Christmas

Slowly but surely I am catching up. Thank you to those who posted Reader's Digest versions of the latest on your lives. It did help me not feel so out of touch.

I can't remember the last time AF stayed away for Christmas. Which brings me to the title, that every year I start flowin right around Christmas. So this year, I was popping Midol and then the holiday song came on. I started laughing so hard my eyes watered. Thank God I was alone. So now every time I hear that song it has a totally different connotation for me. Jeez. Now Holiday tunes are related to my IF!!

Speaking of the AF, I am more and more aggrivated with it. Never the same time, spotting for a week before flow, cramps, poops, the works. And for what. I used to remind myself it was there for a good cause - that all that pain and annoyance led to pregnancy. But now? Not so much. Just the pain and annoyance. My gyn says I could go back on the pill and try and straighten it out. Hmmm. Here comes the clincher.
dr says eggs are crap. But what if? What if my ovies finally shoot out a good one and I'm on the damn pill? Chance in a million? Billion? Yep. But still a chance.

Change in subject:
Holidays were great. Exhausting. MIL & SIL came early to help prepare. Nothing says nuts like a party 2 weeks after move in!!
We even painted the dining/living room. It looks amazing!!! 2 toned olive greens with a white chair rail. beeeyutiful. They painted my island in the kitchen this color I've been visually making love to for a month, only to find the color looks like a damn pumpkin in the morning. Jury's still out on this one. AM - It's the Great Pumpkin Charley Brown! PM - It's simmering nutmeg and tasty goodness. Guess I'll have to finish up the rest of the family room and dining room before deciding if the nutmeg pumpkin stays or goes......

All else is good. Doing nothing for new year's. Again. No desire I suppose. Most friends have kids and can't go out, then I get annoyed with all the younguns and drunks out anyway. Last year I went to bed at 12:10. Stayed up just for the sake of staying up but really didn't give a crap. Just happy to get the day off (0:

Hope everyone had a great holiday. Let's hope this new year brings more good news - there's already been some with twins, adoption, and upcoming IVF. I'm also sending good vibes to my friend, Lauren, who should have been implanted right now. Her first IVF cycle and I hope she's surviving it! Let's all send her the good baby vibes and sticky thoughts~~


Bea said...

Yeah, last two Christmases were like that for me, too. We're no longer in synch, though - the drugs have stuffed it all up so this year I'm mid-cycle.

It's a dilemna about the pill. I guess I'd be tempted to stay off it, too, but then it does depend on how bad the pain is. I've heard one person say naturopathy helped with that, but maybe that's just fruitless assvice, so I'll leave it alone.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. The pill. In the 18 months I have been seeing an RE, I have spend more than 12 cycles on the pill because of ovarian cysts, waiting to start IVF, being put on hold, etc. etc. etc.

If you want to come here for New Years, you are more than welcome, I don't know that you would make it home to be in bed for 12:10 though!

Good luck deciding what to do with the paint. Maybe you can add some accessories and art that make it look like the gorgeous afternoon colour?

Stephanie said...

Funny how paint changes colors isn't it? Just never know what your going to get!
Don't know what to tell you about the to have all the pain and irregularity but what about that small chance? Yikes.
Hope you have a great New Year Eve even if your in bed when the clock strikes midnight!