Monday, December 18, 2006


I am officially overwhelmed. By several things. By the move. The need to get everything done to have a party in 5 days. All the people coming over.
But currently by all of you. I am amazed how many people still came to see my blog, to ask where I've been. I've gotten better responses there then from my own friends. How sad is that?
I am also overwhelmed trying to catch-up. It seems like so much has happened in one month and it's taking me forever to try and read back and catch all those thoughts.
So I ask a favor. Would you terribly mind posting a comment with an update on how and what you're doing? I know that sounds like such a cheesy and lazy thing to request, but I really want to know and it's taking too long to read each blog individually so quickly. What I mean is, eventually I will get to all the blogs and catch up, but right now I am so so so so busy and can't seem to read everyone but I really want to know what's going on.

Call it a Christmas present!

And I figure maybe what one person writes may trigger a response from a new reader or someone who's not posted lately. It may update others then just myself!
And my husband would appreciate my not holding his laptop hostage for such long periods of time..........

Things are progressing here. Slowly. I finished painting the guest bedroom yesterday. Prioritized it since my MIL will be coming Wed and I wanted the paint stench cleared out as she will be sleeping in there. Looks pretty good. Color is all blue.... reminds me of a Tiffany's box! Still needs the details but so far the only room looking remotely finished, which is annoying.
Still putting things away here and there. Boxes and boxes of stuff. Lots from the office, which we don't have set-up. Was a built in my hubby did and not furniture we could move. He's going to do something similar here, but could take awhile. So boxes of books in the meantime!
Have the nursery designated and a toddler room, too. We're planning on getting licensed for 0-2 so I best be prepared for either. Start working on those after the holidays....

I look forward to reading what you all are doing and I SWEAR I'm going to get all caught up on what I've been missing~


Bea said...

Oh my goodness of course that's fine! You just keep packing, we'll still be here in the new year when you're (hopefully) a bit more settled.

Me: the biggest thing at the moment is I'm trying to organise the first International Infertility Film Festival. (Had to plug it.)

It's happening on March 31st, and maybe once things slow down a bit for you you'll even find time to participate. In the meantime, don't fret, because you can read about it all in detail later on. In cycle news - we're doing FET#5 in Feb.

It's pretty exciting to hear you talking about a nursery and toddler room. Good luck with it all and Merry Christmas.


OHN said...

We moved the week of Thanksgiving and were not ready for Christmas..actually I am still unpacking (did I mention the move was 15 years ago?:)
Relax and try to enjoy at least 1/2 hour a day to do something you love, even if it is nothing!

Stephanie said...

Hey Steph,
I think this is a great idea!
Hmm...let's see...After having a two cycle break (after IVF #1) we have just started taking BCPs for IVF #2. I start with injections on Dec. 31 (HAPPY NEW YEAR!) I am super excited to get things going again.
I don't know if Lara from Little Beans told you but we met for coffee at the Biltmore Shops right after Thanksgiving. She said you had hoped to join us but had to work. Sorry we missed you but we plan to meet again after the New Year...hopefully. There is a picture of us from our meeting on my site in the slide show.
Good luck with the is a huge job and I can't imagine doing right before Christmas!

chloe said...

Unfortunately I am very boring and not much has happened in the month.

HSG normal. IUI starting next cycle.

Adoption inching forward slowly but surely. The CCAA is up to 9/8/05 (I am 11/05).

That's it!

My Reality said...

There is not much in my world in the fertility front - just trying to survive the "festive" season!

I hope that things are going well with getting the house in order.

Hopeful Mother said...

First of all, very exciting that you are getting settled and preparing a child's room. How wonderful!

Well, we are preparing for IVF #3, just finished a whole bunch of addtl. testing and will start injections Jan. 2 and 12 for a tent. retrieval Jan. 24.

Also went to an intl. adoption seminar a few days ago, and will be going to a foster/adopt info session in January.

Big news here is that my DH and I discovered that my bro and SIL are 16 wks. pregnant with their 2nd child, and the family is currently keeping the news from us. (They don't know that we know.) I know that they think they are making the best choice, "protecting us" but it's just going to be worse for them when they finally do tell. What if our next IVF fails too? Will that be a *better* time to tell us? I'm just fed up about the whole thing.

Anyway, sorry to hijack your comments, but this situation has been at the forefront of my mind for the last month or so.

Congrats on the new place!

CA Momma said...

China Adoption totally sucks right now. New rules and slooooowwww referral time lines. Over a year! But you know that. Anyway, we are almost done w/ our Fos-Adopt stuff. Have been painting kids rooms and procrastinating on the wrapping of gifts.

Tonight I have two kids who go to separate schools having their Holiday Pageant at the same time. Mom goes one way with one child and Dad goes the other, each with camera or camcorder in hand.

We will finally have our first Holiday Dinner with JUST our family. We plan on being invaded by the rest of the clan of each side immediately after Christmas (OH PLEASE HELP ME!) My mother-in law still hates me and won't speak to me b/c I refused to let her degenerate free-loader of a baby son live here for yet another year rent free (my Bro in law). Should be fun.