Thursday, August 24, 2006


If you look at the list of side effects on any medication I consume, it's a pretty safe bet that I have at least three of the top five. At a minimum.
My Doctor put me on THE PILL. Why is it that everyone knows exactly which one I am referring to when there are billions of pills out there?
In order for IVF to be successful and get pregnant, I have to go on birth control first. Seem a little bass-ackwards to you?!? Hell, whatever works.......

The first week I was nauseous all day. No food appealed, no smell failed to disgust. I have a mental comparison this must be how some morning sickness plays out. Now it's the second week and I'm tired all the time, my boobs are killing me, and I still get grossed out at the silliest things. All this before I get into the heavy duty fertility artilary..... shots.
The last time I went through this, one year ago to be exact, I didn't have much reaction to the meds. There was one shot that I got a burning sensation and rash from - sounds pretty dirty, doesn't it- but that was it. Most people get no reaction from the pill but then become tempermental wack-jobs from the hormone shots.
Is it me?
Don't answer that. Really.

But being on THE PILL means official countdown is ticking. 6 more days taking the pill. 11 days until I start injections. Not sure how many days until they do the retrieval as it depends on how well the shots work, but four days after that we put the little boogers into the holding chamber, then 14 days to see if they're sticking around.

I am currently focusing on the tick tock of the next 6 days until I can throw the stupid pill pack away forever and kiss the nausea it enduces good-bye! And yes, I know that the nausea is likely to return with pregnancy, but that will be well worth it!!

Keeping the focus on one thing at a time is my only means of controlling my fate. I cannot allow myself to ponder the big picture yet because this will lead to remembering the last time we tried and failed, which will not help anything. So this week we focus on the evil pill and the six days I have left to swallow it's venom trying to obtain the ultimate goal.

Next week we'll discuss the proper procudure for shooting up!

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Andrea and/or Jeff said...

Oh Steph, good luck! Sending you all kinds of **********babydust***********

Yeah, I was pretty darned taken aback when they wanted me on the pill. And really it is just for their convenience, so they can line us all up cycling together. That kinda bugged me. But hey, you do what you gotta do, right? Anyway, hang in there! And lets hope for more nausea in about 4 weeks!