Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I hear this word a lot these days..... downsizing. I used to think of it as a business word for minimizing, but now I think different. Why? Because I was forced to downsize from a house to an apartment! This was not a task collaborative of minimizing. There were many things that went the way of Goodwill or the garbage, but those items hardly made a dent in the overall scheme of things. There were still a gazillion boxes of crap to pack and move. Then the separation began of what was going to storage or to the apartment. Then the realization that the apartment pile was larger then the apartment space caused more commotion and consideration.

We only have four months to live in the new smaller space - our new home is scheduled for completion in December. This creates a dilema for this OCDecorator because I don't want to spend the time and money decorating this space for just four months, but I don't know if I can live with white walls and mini blinds, either.

I am a compulsive painter.

Every room in my last house was a different color, from green to purple to blue, no theme was unobtainable once I got the juices flowing. When we listed the house, the blue room went back to white and it was so stark and boring!!!!
Now I come 'home' to the apartment and everything's white with cardboard box accents. Yikes.
But back to my original thought process regarding downsizing, it's a pain in the ass. Where did my other two bedrooms go? My backyard? My linen closet for God's sake? I had to purchase pretty baskets for the bathroom for all my crap because it's out in the open now. And yes, I'm a prissy girl with A LOT of bathroom lotions and potions~
At the end of the day, I rely on the thought of UPsizing - the new house is going to seem like a mansion when we move in. I'll have five different bedrooms to paint, not to mention the living areas and 2 2/2 baths. AAHHHH. I can smell the familiar comfort of the fumes now..........


Millicent said...

Welcome to the blogosphere..."Robinia" got here last night, sans bags of course. Poor thing. She's a trooper though. She's sleeping soundly right now and I would be that'll continue for a while. Anyhoo, glad you're finding your blogging voice and I'll add you to the roll.

OH, and if you want non-bloggers to be able to comment, change the setting in your comments section...lemme know if you need help with it.

Mama Lorrie said...

Hey Steph, if you're having withdrawals from not being able to paint, you can come paint my bedrooms and bathrooms. I'll even help!

Love your blog and look forward to the updates.
Love Mom

Andrea and/or Jeff said...

Yeah Steph, I'm with your mom--you can come paint at our house anytime. We have all these white walls, some 24 feet high! Imagine the excitement! Actually, I'm bored with the white walls also, but our house is a little hard to pick wall colors for, because it is a timberframe with all the nice big posts and beams exposed on the inside and knotty pine ceiling. So, getting a color that doesn't clash is tricky. Plus it is open floor plan, so everything would have to go together. Oh, and mexican terra cotta tiles. I do have brightly colored rugs and hangings and a gorgeous painted coffee table from Pakistan. But still, I do think of painting. So, since you are so experienced you could come and paint here and pick out the colors yourself!
(the nutter, and don't bother checking, I haven't blogged anything new yet)