Monday, May 04, 2009

I wanted to post more pictures of my little busy bee, but hubby put everything onto hard copy and locked them away in the safe. Better safe then sorry -hehehe.

Anyhoo, the latest battle is mostly within myself, although COMPLETELY spear headed by our lovely case manager.
Short version is this:
Haven't see her in a few months, which is no big deal as I need nothing from her.
Called the FM that has the two other siblings and she mentions she spoke with the PGM. say what?? You mean the PGM I've been asking about for months now?? Great. AND?? FM is a little old and loopy, thus not a great source of information. Said she asked about the kids and said she wanted a visit but that was really all. FM redirected her back to the CM.
Did I mention CM gave the CM the PGM's number and had HER call??

Feeling a bit put-out and out of the loop, but ok. at least I know there's communication happening.

CM sends e-mail wed night asking if I am available Thurs for a visit after noon. Respond to e-mail stating we have pediatric appt at 11, followed by errand running and a nap, so how about 4? Ask CM to call with details.

CM calls at 1, rudely tells me she doesn't care if the baby is up or not, she has another appt about 25 min away at 4:15, so she'll swing by here on her way to the appt and "I'll say what I have to say and you say what you have to say and then I'll go". um, ok. agreed to swing by at 3:15.

After 3 shots, nap time and baby are not agreeable. Don't hear phone ring, here beep for missed call. CM had called about 3 minutes before, leaves message stating she's not coming because I'm not answering my phone, and I now need to call her supervisor to have someone else from her office come over here.

Now I'm feeling avoided. And paranoid. And mad.

Send e-mail stating I was sorry to have missed her call, but didn't realize her attending the visit was dependent upon my answering my phone. Asked when the next staffing was (she had mentioned there would be one and would tell me details when she came over). Informed her I was available for a visit any day except the 6th, and any time between 10 and 2 to avoid times in which I put baby down for a nap.

Reply e-mail was to meet at 9 on a friday, and that the staffing was scheduled for the 6th.

Now I am in WTF mode.

I cancel all plans for the 6th, get my parents to come over to watch baby b/c now I'll be damned if my ass is not going to be there for that meeting.

The meeting is a TDM - Team Decicion Making. This meeting has two sole purposes. Either to change the case plan to severance, which means they'll be going to court to try and terminate parental rights, or to discuss a change in placement - which could mean those grandparents want more then a visit.

I am paranoid, I admit, that all this avoidance may be to get around an uncomfortable discussion regarding relative placement.
Or it could be the better option.
Let's hope for that.


Amanda said...

I'm so hoping for that. Will be thinking of you tomorrow.

Christy said...

Ugh! The rollercoaster you and the little guy have been on just isn't fair. I hope you can get off soon and just get on with the business of living and enjoying your life.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the crap you have to go through with this. I hope there is a way that this little guy can just stay with you. Permanently.

Lauren said...

Oh, I am so, so, so hoping it's for severance!! I'll keep you guys in my prayers!

Amanda said...

Let us know what happened, when get a chance. Still hoping for the best over here.