Saturday, February 28, 2009

pictures, pictures, and oh yeah, pictures

Not a lot of time for the full post I have running around in my head, but thought I'd throw up some cute pics of the boy (aren't the ALL cute????)

These are from the Children's Museum. There was this baby/toddler room and these balls were hanging from the ceiling like a wall. SP thought it was the funniest thing EVER and wouldn't stop going back and forth. I took about 20 pics of him just laughing and enjoying such a simple thing.

Mr. Sickly. And I mean sickly. Nose running, eyes watering, drooling, zoned out sickly. Soooo pathetic! Pic doesn't do the couple days of ailment justice.

Mama's little duck! SP LOVES to splash around and get wet. He sticks his face in the water and just goes to town making a mess! Sometimes I have to sit with a towel covering me up so I don't get soaked, too. Can't wait until the pool warms up. He'll likely be swimming on his own by the end of the summer (this hoping we have him at the end of the summer).

The dog bed is one of his favorite hang-outs.
He often sits and ponders the ways of the world.

Grammy and Grandpa got him this for his birthday. Took him awhile to get on, but he has been pushing it all over the place. Still hasn't figured out how to use his legs to make it go, but sits there and makes funny noises and faces like this one. I think funny face pics are almost better then the perfect angel smiles.

SP has found a new love of the outdoors. We play with bubbles for about 1 minute - the total amount of his attention span for this activity. Then it's off to 'help' me in the garden. He uses the dog ball thrower as a whacking stick and beats anything and everything. My lettuce never saw it coming.
After Mommy re-directs the veggie tyrant we steal the dog's ball. On this occasion the daddy was rinsing out a garbage can. Looked like a fun place for the ball to rest, but now neither boy can get it out!!

Remember my comment about the funny faced pics? Here's a couple...... The crying is what happens when you place a hungry child who eats as much as an adult in front of a food he liked a few days ago but not anymore. It would appear my psychic connection was unplugged this day and I didn't get that silent message pb&j was no longer acceptable. Bad mommy.


Grannymar said...

Great pictures,

Thanks for sharing them.. It all looks like fun.

Anonymous said...


beagle said...

He is so cute! I love the ones from the museum the best. The wonder and happiness as such simple stuff . . . wish there was soem way hang on to that as we grow up.

Bea said...

What is it with switching tastes like that? If you find the psychic solution, do pass it on.

Loving these pics! Especially the dangling fun thing.

Also, your vegie patch is way organised...


Lauren said...

Glad to see more photos! Looks like he's keeping you busy!

Amanda said...

Cutie, cutie - thanks for posting :-)