Thursday, January 11, 2007

I have no witty title

You know, one of these days I'm going to get my techie husband to show me how to download and post pictures on here. Until then, here's where we're at with the decor:

Hubby goes out of town, so Saturday I hit the Depot with eyes bright. LOVE the Depot. Land of decorating possibilities. Decide on a paint called creme brule. Nice brown shade but not too brown. Darker then I originally thought of going, but had a problem with another paint being too light downstairs so took the risk.
Got home, strained and moved the giant bed away from the wall, dragged ladder up the stairs being careful not to scuff walls, set-up my supplies, and got to it.
Too too too too dark.
Got gallon of too light paint from garage, started mixing. Waste not, want not. And now that they have that wonderful color matching technology, I can even run out of my newly invented color and go back for more.
Decide it's pretty good and paint three walls. #4 is out because I can't budge the damn armoire, and now it's getting dusky and I can't see as well.

Still not sure if I like the color. NONE of the potential curtains match.
Got sick Monday AM. Sick sick. Lost 7lbs sick. Full body cleansing sick. Please god kill me because I am tired of putting my face where my ass just was sick.
Start of a diet. Figured tummy was shrunk, may as well try and take advantage and keep it that way.

Um, what other tangent.
First foster care class last night. 3 hours. Booooooring. OK, they tried to make it interesting, but when you already know all that stuff it can't help but be a bore, right? Or am I a stuck-up Child Protective Services case manager?? Probably both, but I'm ok with that.
Must survive 10 more classes. I can make it. I hope I can make it. I have to make it. If I can't keep my head up and eyes open through this, how will I survive sleepness nights with a crying infant? This is the thought that will motivate me the next 3 months while I smile and nod at the gate keeper of my future family.


OHN said...

This post reminded me of me. My hubby RARELY leaves town but once a year goes on a trip with his bagpipe band...I start my planning way ahead and usually by the time he walks out the door all my supplies are hidden somewhere..then I start, I paint, wallpaper, hang curtains, rearrange furniture..then he comes home and usually says-"oh"-not in a thrilled way. The way I figure it, he can't whine when he just spend 3 days in Irish bars with a bunch of drunken friends.

serenity said...

I did that with our first and second floor foyer - as soon as we rolled the paint I decided I HATED it. But here it is, a year later. Still up.

We're repainting in February. :)

CA Momma said...

Smile and nod, smile and nod.

chloe said...

Paint sure is a sneaky devil isn't it? Whenever we decide to paint, it takes us WEEKS to pick a color. There are tons of paint swatches on the walls! We use Benjamin Moore paint. I buy the 2 oz. paint samples rather than investing in a quart.

Baby Blues said...

It sucks to get sick, but if you got total-body-cleansing-sick and shed some pounds, it's could be a good boost to start loosing the rest.. in a healthier manner of course. Redecorating, as well as walking in Depot, does burn a lot of calories.

Bea said...

Love to see those photos. Once you learn, you'll be unstoppable.

Hope you're feeling better - eek! Sounds like you were really ill.

And I guess you do have a pretty big head start foster-class wise. Hopefully there'll be a little gem in every lesson to make it worth sitting through the stuff you already know.


Anonymous said...

I hope you are feeling better. Sounds like not much fun.

As for the paint, maybe it will grow on you a bit? But now that you have lots of experience painting, can you come and do my bedroom?

The classes will be worth it in the end. And how will you stay awake with a crying infant - easy, the screams will stop you from sleeping!!

Stephanie said...

Wow, I am impressed with your painting abilities. I would not have tried painting a room by myself. Way to go girl!