Thursday, December 06, 2007

I saw, I spoke, I wait

I met with the GAL at the courthouse. She was very nice and appeared genuinely interested with what I had to bring to the table.
She immediately asked me what I had done to piss off the cm's supervisor. When I asked why, she stated she questioned the cm on her lack of communication with the foster mother. She reported her supervisor had instructed her NOT to provide any detailed information to the foster home. Guess I wasn't so far off base. I briefly told the GAL about that situation, so now she understands where I'm coming from.
She confirmed there were people living in the home that shouldn't have been and she gave warning to the cm this needed to be addressed. She let me know they were planning on allowing the 13 year old daughter to take care of the baby while the mgm was at work. She told them no way, no how, and that appropriate daycare will be utilized.

So basically, she seems on top of it.
I know the boy will be going with MGM, I just want to make sure all his needs are going to be met and we make it as smooth a transition as possible. GAL in agreement and requested visitation be bumped up ASAP. I mean, if mgm is all that and more, then why are they still supervised in the first place??
Ahhhh. Time to let this one go. For now.

I am now focusing on Christmas, most specifically making stockings. God forbid I do anything so easy as just purchasing them. Any ideas? I purchased a bunch of felt and found a few patterns online. I have a bunch of sequins and beads and 'stuff' and am waiting for inspiration.

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Bea said...

No ideas, but glad things are moving in the right direction.