Sunday, November 04, 2007

A duck is a duck is a duck

Was anyone else disappointed in Halloween this year? I bought EIGHT bags of candy and we had a total of 10 trick or treaters. So sad. So full of candy (we can't just waste it, right??).
The boy was dressed up as a duck, waiting to expose his cuteness to door ringers, but alas, it was not to be. And not just because there weren't any~

First off, the zipper broke on the outfit. No biggie, nothing a safety pin couldn't handle.
Second, it's unseasonable hot here in Phoenix, so he was turning into a roasted duck pretty quickly.
Third, the dog thought he was a giant stuffed animal and kept trying to get him.
And the funniest part was his rigidity in the outfit. For those of you who watch 24 hours of a Christmas Story on TNT every year, you are as familiar with the classic as I am. I put the boy on the floor to move the candy bowl. He was laying there with his arm out not moving a muscle. Didn't even turn his head! Reminded me of the scene in which the little brother is in his snow clothes and can't put his arms down or move. You have to understand what I'm talking about to get the chuckle here.

Because we didn't feel we got our full $8.00 out of the duck costume, we decided to put him in it again for an encore performance with the grandparents on Friday night. He was a bit happier in it, even smiled for pictures this time. And now the duck has been retired to the box labeled 3-6 months in the closet for another child another year......

I have decided that instead of droning on and on about my infertile angst, I will focus more on stories and things regarding the midget. Another way to try and see the glass half full, and find enough to allow everyone a sip.


Bea said...

I think if you have an angsty moment and you need to get it down, feel free. But if you're ready to focus your energies elsewhere, all the better. The healing process is long and bumpy and complicated. Duck suits no doubt help.


Stephanie said...

First of all...where is the picture of the cute ducky??? I loved that the dog thought he was a stuffed animal. Can you imagine what your dog was thinking? "Wow, that is the biggest stuffed duck I have ever seen. Wonder if it quacks. Better go check it out!" Too funny!

hope548 said...

That's hilarious - sounds adorable!