Saturday, May 26, 2007

Back from Mexico and had a fabulous time!! I've got a tan, hoping some great pictures, and great news, but one thing at a time.

The trip started horribly. We missed our flight. I live in AZ, where we don't always remember going to Mexico is an international flight. Until recently, you didn't even need a passport! So when we finally got parked and finally picked up by the bus and finally dropped off at the terminal and finally walked the entire length of the terminal to get to the right counter and finally got to the counter after waiting in line, we were 6 minutes past the cut-off. 6 f-in minutes. So after all that, we had to reverse it all, go home, and wait to do it all again the next day.
We tried to make the most of it, hanging in the pool, lounging around, went to see Spidey movie (not all that great in my opinion). But it initially appeared the vacation gods were against us.

Success the following day, then karma jumping in our favor by providing a wonderful vacation with not a single, solitary problem.
Hotel was wonderful. Luna Blue in Playa del Carmen if you're ever heading that way is great.
Diving was AMAZING. Saw a ton of turtles, fish, rays, coral, the works. Hoping to god some of the pictures we took with these disposable cameras come out. Visibility was great, so there is hope!!
Also dove the cenotes. I'm not all high tech, or low tech even, so I can't put a link here to some fact filled web site. So the Reader's Digest version is this:
There are a charted 350 miles of underground rivers and cave systems in this area of Mexico called the cenotes. The Mayans built their civilizations around them, as well as their roads from town to town. They were caves until the ice age ended, then flooded them with fresh water.
Being in them is like being in outer space. Mostly dark, caves, with stalagmites and stalactites everywhere. Where there are openings, you find these amazing colors of blue from the rays of light. It's like nothing I've ever seen before, and most people will never see. An estimated 15% of the population are certified divers, then a mere 5% active. only .10% of that 5% ever get to dive the cenotes.

So yes, I am totally cool. (0:

Visited the ruins, snorkeled with the turtles, watched a barracuda eating silver fish (scary as hell but entrancing), climbed the tallest known Mayan temple, drank lots of Sol (beer), and ate ate ate.

Are you ready?

I'm going to be an Auntie!!!

Deciding to call to check on our dog, I elected to also check my e-mail. Just to see if there was anything happening or if anyone missed me.
I received an e-mail from my sister in law announcing they have been selected to adopt a little girl from China. They will travel in about 6 months to bring her back to their home in Portland.
How freaking exciting!!!

I know she's beside herself, having wanted this so badly. I also know the next 6 months are going to be excruciating, the minutes ticking by.
And, of course, her husband in there, too! How easily we, or I, tend to think only of the woman in this such situation!

Anyway, great vacation and great news. Very exciting couple of weeks.
I'm still off until Tuesday, doing laundry and home stuff. Very mundane but necessary. No complaining from me!

I'll be catching up on blogs while I'm at it, leaving my 2 cents, sometimes 2 bucks, here and there...............


elly parker said...

I'm so glad you had a great vacation in the end, and I had a great time visiting you before you left...

New pool is wonderful and I'll pick up my swimsuit the next time I'm back over!!

OHN said...

I am always so envious of people who can dive. I am afraid to do anything that requires lessons and remembering important things to stay alive:) I did snorkeling in the Cayman's and loved it though..yeah, I know it is the kindergarten version of diving but hey, I tried. Our upcoming vacation does include a lazy river and I never met an innertube that frightened me :)

I had forgotten the passport crap for Mexico! I probably should get the family taken care of so when they all surprise me with a wonderful trip someday we can go :)

My Reality said...

Welcome home!

Congrats on the new niece!

wzgirl said...

I can almost taste the fish tacos! Great trip!

Great news, Auntie! I've seen the neice-to-be (picture) and can already tell that she'll be stealing everyones hearts! Congrats to all of you!!

walternatives said...

Congratulations on being an Auntie! I have so much respect for Millicent of Different Dirt. Her posts on all this are so lovely, as is her daughter! Congrats again.

Millicent said...

You have GOT to learn to post pics on this site because people would absolutely flip over those pictures of the cenotes. Amazing, ghostly, moody pictures.

And, yes, as if you needed statistics to know that you are cool ;0)

Thanks so much for the happiness and congratulations. You're going to be a way cool Aunty.


Bea said...

All sounds great, steph. Yes - where's the pics?


Bea said...

(Oh - except for the missing the plane, of course.)


Beagle said...

Glad you had a wonderful time! We dive as well, though not much lately.